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Transcend The Binary


Exhibition Site Overhaul

Transcend The Binary is a wonderful organization for at risk gender non-conforming individuals. I volunteered to review their site for their exhibition, Sharing Our Strength. I rewrote the Exhibition page and cleaned up quite a bit of copy. I also went through their site as a design/ usability consultant and offered suggestions for what was and wasn't working. The site has become more user friendly as a result, and the exhibition ended up being a smash success. 

DCC Overview

Web Platform Presentation

As a trainer at CDK, I have to educate new hires on our web platform. Our web platform is unique to CDK, so it can be quite the challenge.  In the presentation linked above, I go over our main platform points. I also usually toggle between the presentation and a live demonstration as I present, so that our new hires can see how our web platform works in real time. 

Comic Con Storify Report





My Storify report can be found here. 

This report reflects on how New York Comic Con interacted with their target audience over several digital platform, and focuses specifically on how female cosplayers (those who dress up in costume) were treated. This report is a reflection of my ability to adapt and find specialized platforms that best suit the content of the piece. Storify is a relatively new platform, and was chosen for this report for its ability to integrate visuals and text seamlessly. The issue of female cosplayers were dealt with with a sensitive eye and careful voice, so the story could still be presented to a broad audience without polarizing anyone.

Link to to the Landscape Streaming Analysis

I consider myself a digital curator, which carefully weaves the tenants of both writing and marketing carefully together. This landscape analysis displays that I can recognize the rhetoric of digital spaces, and through analysis come up with feasible solutions to real problems. Even in powerpoint form, this presentation is still obvious in its’ direction and intent, which speaks of my writing’s succinct manner.


Spotify Playlist Tutorial

This tutorial was created using Camtasia, and goes over the basics of creating a playlist in Spotify. The video is short and sweet, because who realistically watches video tutorials longer than two minutes? The tutorial reflects my ability to communicate concisely and directly.

Content Liaison Case Writing Presentation

Case Writing Presentation

At CDK Global, I serve as a representative team member for our department, and interact with our other primary department daily. I answer any questions members of the other team might have on best practices, and give monthly presentations on improving work flow. Please click on the picture above to see a presentation of mine on case writing best practices that I gave to the CDK Global account advocacy team.

Middle of the Mitten Social Media Strategy

A PDF of the strategy can be found here. 

As Middle of the Mitten’s marketing director, it has been a challenge to communicate with all of our target audiences at once. With any one post, we are trying to reach potential bands, prospective festival goers, and students interested in joining the organization. After years of somewhat ad hoc posting by varied individuals, I collaboratively created this document as a reference guide for both the organizations current and future participants. This social media strategy has been created to reflect all of our target audiences, without alienating any one group. Our strategy also takes special care to keep a consistent voice amongst all of our platforms, while still reflecting the general ideology of the platform.

Mei Mei Video

This video was crafted to visualize my adopted Chinese sister’s journey home to our forever family. Crafted in Final Cut Pro and iMovie, this video tested both my wits as a video editor and storyteller. The story touches on several very sensitive topics, which were handled with the utmost care. This video was ultimately given to my sister for a Christmas present.

National Writer Series
Content Strategy Guide


A PDF of the content strategy can be found here. 

This content strategy guide was a collaborative effort with fellow content strategists to craft a strategy for a Traverse City based non-profit that hosts author interviews. I contributed the Balsamiq templates, governance chart, metadata section, and help to stylize the document. The organization has already implemented many of my fellow content strategists and I's suggestions. This was truly an undertaking to create a content strategy guide from nothing. 

Google Drive Video Review

This is a review I created of Google Drive that was aimed towards students looking for word processing software. This tutorial showcases my video editing skills, and ability to succinctly create instructions.